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Approaching Our Loved Ones About Home Care Services


Our loved ones hold a very special place in our hearts. As such, we want the best of everything for them. We want to see them being in the best of health, being able to take care of themselves, and enjoying the things they love doing. How nice would it be if it remains this way till the end? But as they reach senior age, we may notice some changes such as they may not be as keen on keeping personal hygiene as before, not eating as healthy meals as before, falling more frequently, etc. It pains us to see them this way. They need assistance to continue living comfortable and satisfying lives. These are the signs that it is the right time to open up to them about availing the services of home care services such as those provided by home health care in San Antonio, Texas. But approaching them may be challenging as most likely they will reject our suggestion. We must find the right approach for them to comprehend the situation and consider our recommendation. Let’s look at the following effective ways of approaching them about this matter.

  • Let them feel our concern.
    We should avoid accusing them of not being able to take care of themselves anymore. Instead, we should let them know that we are worried about them and that they might not be getting all the things that they need and ask them for some good options to possibly solve the problem.
  • Consider our loved ones’ autonomy.
    Let’s make sure that our loved ones have the final say and that we are just merely offering our suggestions. We can tell them they may try some services like the skilled nursing in Texas temporarily instead of a permanent one. Let’s always involve them in deciding this matter.
  • Know the underlying reasons for the resistance.
    Our loved ones who resist this idea always have underlying reasons for such rejection. They may be afraid that they can no longer do the things that they used to do easily. It could also be that they might be thinking that it won’t be as easy to connect with friends anymore. There could be other reasons. We should find out the reasons and discuss them with our loved ones. This could be our opportunity to suggest the services that they might need such as physical therapy.
  • Ask for assistance.
    It would be very useful if we can ask for the help of those who have tried availing of home care services. Speaking with others about the positive experiences they have had using home care services eases the fear of our loved ones. Making use of feedback from a third party such as a physician can help our loved ones understand the need for them to receive the assistance as well.

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