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Post-Stroke Rehab: How to Support Your Loved One

Post-Stroke Rehab: How to Support Your Loved One

Is your loved one undergoing Stroke rehab? This means that they survived a stroke and are now recovering from it.


Recovering from a stroke can be demanding both for the body and mind. For this reason, your loved one will need your utmost understanding and support. As a provider of Home Health Care in San Antonio, Texas, we offer the following tips so you can better support your loved one on their way to recovery.


  • Know the risks of another attack.
    For patients who already had a stroke, having another attack is a real risk. You can prepare for this by knowing the signs of another attack. This way, you can react in a life-saving way.
  • Learn more.
    The information you gain from research and talking with health professionals can help you support your loved one better. For instance, if your loved one needs Physical therapy, learn how you can make your home conducive for such therapies.
  • Celebrate small victories.
    Going through the recovery treatments can take its toll on you and your loved one. That is why it is important to celebrate little accomplishments, even if that victory is your loved one raising an arm after being immobile for a while. Small achievements still merit a celebration.
  • Get help.
    Remember that nobody is an island. Aside from seeking help from providers of Skilled Nursing in Texas, ensure that YOU also have support. Talk with your trusted friends about your struggles in caring for your loved one. This way, you can also vent out your feelings in a healthy manner.
  • Avoid falls.
    One of the ways you can do this is to help your loved one participate in their Occupational Therapy. Falls are common risks for patients who are receiving stroke rehab. If they fall, fractures and other complications can happen. Ensure that you protect them from these incidents.


What other forms of help do you think your family member needs? Set an appointment with us at All Seasons Home Health and Palliative Care. Let us help you create a better care plan for your beloved.

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