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Helping Seniors Remember Their Medications

Helping Seniors Remember Their Medications

Seniors need to take their prescriptions on time and in the right dosages. This way, they can benefit the optimal effects of their medications. As a provider of home health care in San Antonio, Texas, we understand that it can be difficult for some elders to remember their medications. Thus, we provide the following tips to promote your loved ones’ adherence. 

  • Ask the help of a company that offers home health services. 
    Home health aides are trained to provide home care assistance and address the needs of their clients at home. They can also organize your loved ones’ medication cabinet and remind them when to take their medicines. 
  • Avail of skilled nursing in Texas.
    For seniors who are recovering from an injury or illness, have a health professional monitor their health and address their skilled needs. This way, they’ll get the support they need to manage their health and their medicines.
  • Have a medication calendar.
    Apart from home care needs, you can also help your loved ones adhere to their medications by using medication calendars and mobile devices. With these, you can organize your loved ones’ refill schedules and help them remember when to take their medications on time.

Does your loved one need home health assistance? If you do and want to have reliable extra hands to support them, our health care professionals are always available. We can provide them with IV therapy services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other services. For more information, call us today!

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