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A Safer Environment for Your Loved One


Senior patients usually spend most of their time at home, especially those who are bedridden. The advantage of home care is that it provides safety and allows the patient to recover at their own pace in a familiar setting. Our Home Health Care in San Antonio, Texas is a cost-effective health care delivery.

When it comes to patients who are recovering or undergoing post-surgery care, we always strive to make the environment comfortable. A messy place will only increase the elder’s stress which could impede the healing process, especially if he is taking occupational therapy or have medications. Our caregivers are there to remove clutters that usually make the surroundings feel suffocating. Health hazards like sharp objects or flammable items are also disposed of.

It’s in the best interest of the patient to have proper lighting and an interior consisting of good colors that would evoke feelings of lightness. For patients availing of our physical therapy, teal is highly encouraged because it promotes mental clarity.

Other modifications that could be done to ensure a senior patient’s safety would be installing handrails and non-slippery mats. Our skilled nursing in Texas suggests the use of a medication box to avoid medicinal errors that could lead to poisoning and other adverse health effects.

The healthcare team of All Seasons Home Health and Palliative Care provide a plethora of senior care services with high competency and compassion. If you have concerns about your loved ones, feel free to contact us.

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